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Ma An Shan Libo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Maanshan City Bowang Industrial Park, the main foreign wear-resistant alloy mixing blades, various types of wear-resistant alloy liner, foreign asphalt mixer accessories, various types of wear-resistant alloy liner, foreign asphalt mixer accessories , stabilized soil mixing machine parts, wear-resistant alloy mixed with foreign mixer arm, and foreign pav...

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Address:Maanshan City


     Industrial Park



4008 777180

     Fax::0555 -6765998


Contact: Mr. Pu

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  Production mixer accessories mixing arm, blade, liner supporting models manufacturers are:   1: Asphalt concrete mixing equipment: mixing arm, mixing blades, supporting models manufacturers are lining: Switzerland Oman, Fenlan Mo MDS, Germany Benninghoven, ...

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We have always adhered to the "dedication,truth-seeking,innovative"business philosophy,adhere to "quality first,reputation first"purpose to provide customers with quality products and services, "quality of survival,customer-focused,to manage for efficiency,market development "is our business policy. Focus on first-class products and technologies to provide users with the trend-leading products and attentive service is our common goal of all employees.Facing the new century, the vanguard of the future will be honest and pragmatic attitude to make people's lives and work more convenient, efficient and tireless efforts.Ma On Shan Libo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is willing to be more high-quality products, more efficient service to make more friends, and sincerely hope that with the new and old customers work together to mutual benefit, common development and jointly create a better future!
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